At 1MFWF, we always want to highlight work that’s happening around the country and across the globe pertaining to work flexibility. While our own blog features regular contributions from experts on this topic, we also keep an eye out for great articles elsewhere on the web. Here are some recent items not to miss.

Want to work from home? Try one of these companies
Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Money, Jan 26
Earlier this week, 1MFWF Founding Supporter FlexJobs released its top 100 companies list for businesses that have a strong history of hiring for work-from-home jobs. The companies featured on the list offer telecommuting positions across a range of fields and skill levels, with industry leaders such as SAP, UnitedHealth Group, and Aetna among the top 20. Learn more: Want to work from home? Try one of these companies.

Super Bowl festivities challenge work-week commute
John Sasaki, KTVU, Jan 25
Bad weather and highway construction aren’t the only things that can mess with a commute. With Super Bowl 50 right around the corner, workers in San Francisco are preparing for how the big game will impact their travel plans, and embracing enhanced flex as a result. Companies such as the Polsinelli Law Firm are already taking steps to help their staff members by increasing options for telecommuting. And local business owners are reporting that regulars have already started avoiding the city Super Bowl chaos by working from home. Read more about how Super Bowl 50 is impacting commuters: Super Bowl festivities challenge work-week commute

You’re 87% More Likely To Love Your Job If You Work From Home
Mark Murphy, Forbes, Jan 24
Last week, the research and leadership training firm Leadership IQ released the results of its survey using the test, “Is Your Personality Suited To Work Remotely Or In The Office?” Of the nearly 3,500 professionals who responded, those who work-from-home are almost twice as likely to report loving their jobs than those who work in an office.  The findings also suggest that successful and happy telecommuters are self-motivated and driven. Learn more: You’re 87% More Likely To Love Your Job If You Work From Home.

J.P. Morgan Wants Its Employees to Stop Working on the Weekend
Reuters, Fortune, Jan 21
Following improved work-life policies implemented by Morgan Stanley and Bank of America last year, other major financial institutions are jumping on the bandwagon. This week, J.P. Morgan Chase announced its plans to encourage investment bankers to take (some) weekends off to find a more healthy work-life balance. In a culture where 100-hour work weeks are the norm, taking the weekend off could make a big difference for employee wellness. Learn more: J.P. Morgan Wants Its Employees to Stop Working on the Weekend.

7 Ways to Make Sure New Parents Don’t Quit
Gwen Moran, Fast Company, Jan 15
In 2015, a survey by the Washington Post revealed that approximately half of fathers and seventy-five percent of mothers switch jobs, scale down, or quit work altogether to spend more time with their children. Founder of the consulting firm Forty Weeks Julia Beck notes that the best way for companies to respond to this exodus is to make new parents feel supported and welcome through better communication, a family-friendly culture, and flexible work options. Read more:  7 Ways to Make Sure New Parents Don’t Quit.

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