At 1MFWF, we always want to highlight work that’s happening around the country and across the globe pertaining to work flexibility. While our own blog features regular contributions from experts on this topic, we also keep an eye out for great articles elsewhere on the web. Here are some recent items not to miss.

Google C.F.O. Is Retiring to Spend More Time With Family (No, Really)
Conor Dougherty, The New York Times, March 10
Google’s primary liaison between the company and Wall Street, Patrick Pichette, has announced his retirement to spend time traveling and with his family. After watching the sunrise on Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife of 25 years, Pichette started the process of examining how his personal life and work life were out of balance. After some soul searching, he announced his resignation earlier this week. Pichette is not the first male executive to decide to leave a company in the name of balance, and last summer 1MFWF director Emma Plumb responded to a similar announcement in her piece, Dad CEO Memo: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?  Read more about Pichette’s decision:  Google C.F.O. Is Retiring to Spend More Time With Family (No, Really).

Are American Workplace Policies Stuck In The 1950s?
Lisa Berkman, Here & Now With Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson, March 10
Harvard School of Public Health professor Lisa Berkman teamed up with two industries to examine how flexible work impacts the overall health of employees. Researching sleep, cardiovascular health, and obesity, Berkman found that increasing flexibility and flexible work policies throughout management and employee teams reduced cardiovascular risk by half in their participants. Listen to the NPR interview about Berkman’s research here: Are American Workplace Policies Stuck In The 1950s?

Richard Branson: ‘Reap the Rewards of Workplace Flexibility’
MediaPlanet, Future of Business and Tech: Workplace Wellness, March 6
Richard Branson is known for his adventurous spirit, creative business practices, and unconventional entrepreneurial genius. He’s also an advocate for work flexibility. In this interview, Branson explains his reasons for creating progressive work flexibility policies and employing them himself throughout his professional life as the founder of the Virgin Group. To learn why unlimited vacation and fruit as well as flex-time are key parts of Virgin’s success, read more: Richard Branson: ‘Reap the Rewards of Workplace Flexibility’.

The rise of the be-your-own boss office
Paula Vasan, The Boston Globe, March 6
The need for work flexibility is not going anywhere. As more and more companies begin to utilize different paradigms of flexible work, the results are showing the positive impact flexibility has on productivity, retention, and overall satisfaction for employees. With data supporting the increasing need for and implementation of flexible work arrangements, more employees are finding themselves in an autonomous working scenario. Read more here: The rise of the be-your-own boss office.

What’s the One Thing Employers Can Do Today to Support Women with MS?
Jennifer Owens, Huffington Post: Healthy Living, March 4
When people discover they are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, the impact on their lives can be very powerful, from their personal to professional relationships. A recent study by the Working Mother Research Institute examined how work flexibility can keep women who are diagnosed with MS in the workforce while still addressing their health needs. By offering reduced hours and flexible schedules, employers can retain valuable members of their company. Read more in the Huffington Post: What’s the One Thing Employers Can Do Today to Support Women with MS?

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