Olivia Wiltshire works as a digital executive at Builtvisible in London. She worked with Intuit to produce this infographic which explores the future of our office.

More and more we are hearing how technology is changing things, from the way our brains work to the way we construct houses, but what does technology’s increasing prominence mean for our offices of work? Does it spell the end to sitting at a desk amongst your colleagues? The following infographic, researched and complied by Intuit, takes a closer look into how technology is shaping the workplace of our future.

Key Findings

Intuit’s infographic reveals how telecommuting has steadily been on the increase with almost a quarter of the American workforce and one-tenth of the British workforce now telecommuting some hours each week. In line with this trend, almost 60 percent of employers offered telework in 2011 as opposed to only 13 percent five years previous. These statistics confirm telecommuting is fast becoming the norm—and not only for American and British workforces as the graphic details:


Of course working from home has only become possible thanks to the unavoidable cloud, and though there is no doubting that telecommuting is on the rise, there are opponents to this growing trend. In 2013, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer argued that workers are “more collaborative and innovative” when they’re together. Whilst Mayer’s argument about productivity might be the general assumption or concern, data outlined in the piece indicates that actually telecommuters are 11 to 20 percent more productive working on creative tasks, and telecommuters are more likely to work extra hours than non-telecommuters, suggesting that in fact telecommuting increases productivity.


It’s not just productivity that is being affected by this growing trend: costs, employee satisfaction, and willingness to sacrifice certain employee privileges are also impacted. Experts seem to accept that new approaches to office design will be necessary in the future and that there will be an increased usage of employees’ own devices for work purposes in the coming years.

In light of these findings it’s clear the telecommuting trend is having a noticeable impact not only on where we work but also how we work, but does it really spell the end to our office? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

View the full Intuit interactive infographic Death of the Office.

photo credit: istockphoto.com