Studies have shown that working from home can benefit both employees and employers in a huge way. And while working from home does have plenty of advantages, some may speculate that the employee gets nothing done in an environment that is not supervised.

Sometimes one has to tackle the brain and create boundaries in order to stay productive. Various distractions such as TV, kitchen, phone calls, and even just web browsing can disrupt your workflow. It’s important to create a space for yourself that will make allow you to work freely and inspire you to get the job done. Here at Tiny Prints we have gathered the benefits of working from home, along with some suggestions on how to stay productive.

Why should anyone work from home anyway? The biggest advantages of working from home are saving money and a healthier, balanced life. It is estimated that $2,000 – $7,000 is saved in gasoline and food costs per year. Not only does eating at home keep your wallet happy, but better food choices are made when prepared there. Also, breaks can be used to go to the gym, take a walk, or take care of errands—activites that are difficult to do when stuck in an office all day.

Traffic also plays a huge role in creating stress on the employee and can put a damper even before the workday begins, and as the day ends. Roughly 211.6 hours a year are spent sitting in a car commuting to work—time that could instead be spent on building out business plans, or spending more valuable time with loved ones.

Perfect Home Office

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The organization and setup of your home office should make you comfortable, and where you place things can make a big difference in productivity. A window always helps to bring fresh natural light in, creating a serene area. Have deadlines? Write them down on a white board, and check them off once you have finished each task. Having proper posture is important, and something that could set you back days or weeks if ignored. Finding the right desk—such as a standup one—will not only keep you awake, but can keep you from slouching and also help prevent sedentary diseases such as diabetes.

Decor may be a less obvious factor, but can also play a huge part in productivity! Who wants to work in a barren space they can’t call their own? Add a pop of color to your walls, and hang some photos from your travels or art pieces you have collected along the years to keep you inspired. Plants increase productivity by 15%, and help add life to your space.

Whether you work in a large or compact space, the most important thing to remember is keep it simple and clean. Too much clutter can be distracting, and at the end of the day what matters most is that the space allows your ideas to flow and work comfortably.

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