The first time I walked into an office kitchen with free snacks, I thought I was in paradise. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff? There were endless amounts of candy, peanut butter pretzels, chips, and soda. You could even make requests for specific snacks for the next shipment!

Every so often, we’d also get free meals. When you have a bunch of catering trays from a cool restaurant you’ve never heard of before, it’s hard not to pile on a little bit of everything.

When I worked in an office, the opportunity to get food didn’t end there. There were also baked goods that were frequently brought in, and we were surrounded by amazing restaurants nearby. The point is: Food was everywhere. Temptation was there everyday. Some days were easier to say “no” to gluttony than others.

I’m happy to say that it finally came to an end when I started to telecommute. Removing all the temptations of snacks, catering, and takeout helped put me more in control of my diet. Because of telecommuting, I’ve become a healthier eater and employee. Here’s why:

I have time to go to the grocery store.
When you’re working long hours AND commuting, you’re left with very little time after work. I’ve found myself skipping the grocery store because I didn’t want to stand in line and deal with the after-hour rush. I just wanted to go home and eat! This caused me to opt for lots of unhealthy options like frozen dinners or takeout.

Working from home allowed me to start going to the grocery store in the middle of the day when there’s no rush. During my lunch break, I quickly walk or drive down to the store to get what I need. It leaves very little room for excuses to not cook at home.

I make a nutritious breakfast.
When I was working in a traditional office, my mornings were rushed so that I could get out the door fast. These mornings also required a quick and speedy breakfast that included a microwave, dumping cereal out of a box, something being unwrapped (usually a granola bar), or nothing at all. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get enough of a lot of required food groups to start my day, because by the time I got to work, I was hungry again.

Now that I’m not spending time sitting in a car every morning, I have extra time available to make a decent breakfast. Good-bye granola bars! Every morning, I’m take the time to make a nutritious and high protein breakfast so that I’m satiated.

I eat out less.
Working in San Francisco is amazing because there’s so much good food around you. The problem is: there’s so much good food around you! It’s easy to be tempted and lured into the local restaurants over your sack lunch. Another problem with eating out during lunch is that it’s easy to over-eat and choose unhealthy options.

Working from home removed some of the temptations to spend money and eat out. I’m no longer surrounded by restaurants and takeout opportunities, and can now make my meals at home.

I control the snacks.
Previously, when I would walk into the kitchen at the office looking for a snack, I’d be faced with loads of junk food options. More often than not, I’d walk away with a bag of chips. Do that several times per week, and that’s a lot of chip consumption.

Now that I work from home, I’m in control of my snacks. I’m no longer tempted by chips, candy, and other junk food because I don’t buy them. Instead, I fill up my kitchen with healthy snacks so they become my only option.

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