After engaging in hundreds of conversations with gig economy workers, one thing is clear: While people have a wide range of reasons for wanting to freelance, the things they love and hate about the experience of doing it full-time are almost identical.

People love freelancing because it rewards hard work; offers a path to financial independence; gives them the flexibility to work when and how they want; and, if they’re good at what they do, provides them with a steady stream of positive feedback. In other words, it’s everything most office jobs are not.

Yet somehow, they struggle with the experience for almost the same reason: They miss the office. They miss having office friends; they miss going out to happy hours; they miss the social validation of having a job at an established company; and they miss being part of something bigger than themselves. Only a few of the people I talked to used the word community in explaining what they were missing, but that’s exactly what they were describing.

Fiverr is addressing this challenge by building a grassroots organization to provide freelance workers with the support they need.

This is what makes me so excited that Fiverr is joining forces with an initiative like 1 Million For Work Flexibility, which aims to create a community of workers and organizations who care about the same thing: changing the traditional mindset around work, and focusing on flexibility that fits our modern world. Their goals of accomplishing a better work-life balance, better health, and productivity all while building a united community align with what we’re trying to achieve. The Fiverr community wants to offer support, social opportunities, professional development, peer learning, validation, friendship, and the sense of belonging that most people crave.

So what can workers looking for a better way to work, through freelancing and other forms of flexibility, accomplish when they band together? The possibilities are endless. By continuing to support work flexibility by both providing a platform for people to follow their passions and support themselves on their own terms, and by uniting with communities like 1MFWF, we’re able to shed light on the strength of the Gig economy, and more importantly—and my personal passion—shed light on the people who thrive within it.

1MFWF is excited to have Fiverr join our coalition! Read “6 Reasons Why Flexible Work Is So Good for Us” on the Fiverr blog, and listen to Fiverr’s latest podcast episode featuring 1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton

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