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One of the key demographics in particular need of work flexibility is working parents. Parents of infants and toddlers all-too-often struggle to find quality care to cover a fulltime rigid work schedule. Parents of school-aged children need flexibility for pick-ups and drop-offs, schedule changes, parent-teacher meetings, volunteer commitments, and activity attendance. These posts highlight the specific struggles of working parents when it comes to juggling personal and professional needs.

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Do Parents Have to Choose Between Work and Caregiving?

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Too often couples feel pushed to choose between work and caregiving. But a growing community of parents is showing us new ways to navigate this challenge.

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Research Explainer: Family Focus Could Boost Employee Energy, Motivation

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New research suggests that companies that help their workers strengthen family bonds will help boost employee energy as well as their bottom line.

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Affordable Child Care, Flexibility are Both Important for Working Parents

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While affordable child care is one tool that could be used to address the challenges facing working parents, another is improved work flexibility.

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Author Insights: Lauren Smith Brody on the Fifth Trimester

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Lauren Smith Brody is the former executive editor of Glamour magazine, writer, producer, consultant, speaker, and the author of The Fifth Trimester.

Work Flex in Film: I Don’t Know How She Does It

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The movie I Don’t Know How She Does It provides viewers with three main tips for balancing work and personal obligations.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly Chooses New NBC Job for Better Work-Life Balance

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Recent headlines about Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC provide more evidence that offering work flexibility can help companies attract top talent.

Growing Flex Trend Lets New Parents Take Babies to Work

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About 200 companies nationwide now offer programs that allow employees to take their babies to work.

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Author Insights: Reva Seth on The MomShift

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Reva Seth is the best-selling author of The MomShift: Women Share Their Stories of Career Success After Children.

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The Gender Pay Gap: An Interview with Harvard Economist Claudia Goldin

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1MFWF spoke with economic historian and a labor economist Claudia Goldin about how flexibility could help eliminate the gender pay gap.

Research Explainer: “The New Millennial Dad,” Boston College

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Learn more about the Boston College Center for Work & Family new report, "The New Millennial Dad: Understanding the Paradox of Today's Fathers."