Legislation on Work Flexibility

1 Million for Work Flexibility does not endorse or lobby for any specific legislation. However, one of our goals is to expand awareness around pending and existing legislation pertaining to work flexibility, both nationally and internationally.  Check out these posts for more details about legislation on work flexbility around the world.

San Francisco Paves the Way for Gender Equality and Paid Parental Leave

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Closing the gender pay gap and paid parental leave policies are two hot-button topics that are often talked about by city and state legislators, but not always made into law—until now. San Francisco is breaking away from the proverbial pack and leading the charge towards making the workplace equitable for everyone.

Does New Jersey Discrimination Law Cover Out-of-State Telecommuters?

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Companies that hire remote workers generally assume those telecommuters will be covered by the employment laws, including discrimination law, of the states in which they live. But a recent ruling by a New Jersey appellate court may force at least some businesses to reconsider that assumption.