Part-Time Work

There’s no specific number of hours linked to part-time work; instead, a part-time worker works anything fewer than their full-time counterparts. Generally speaking, that means a part-time worker is likely to be working fewer than (and anywhere up to) 35 hours per week. There are many myths associated with part-time work, but the truth is that working fewer than 8 hours a day can be even more productive than a fulltime schedule, and many people who otherwise “opt out” of work altogether would stay in the workforce under a part-time work arrangement.

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Part Time Remote Jobs Are Real—and Plentiful

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Part-time work is thriving, as is remote work, and more and more companies are seeing the benefits of hiring professional part-time remote workers.

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Can You Be Part-Time in the C-Suite?

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When you’re running the company, you’re expected to be available 24/7. But there’s a new breed of C-Suite executives who are debunking that myth.

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Research Explainer: Part-Time Work Can Be Better By Design

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When companies take time to formulate a plan for part-time work, design those positions, and implement things fairly, the results can be beneficial for all.

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Want to Be More Productive? Ditch the Eight-Hour Workday

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If you had eight hours or four hours in which to work, which one would you say would allow you to be more productive? Eight hours, right? Not necessarily.

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Author Insights: Alex Soojung-Kim Pang on Rest

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Drawing on history, neuroscience, and psychology, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang argues that leisure and mind-wandering are essential components to creative lives.

Part-Time Workers: Separating Myth from Reality

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We take a look at some of the perceptions surrounding part-time workers, and dispel a few myths while we're at it.

Finding Success in a Five-Hour Workday

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Tower Paddle Boards implemented a five-hour workday in 2015 and has never looked back.

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Author Insights: Charles Siegel on the Politics of Simple Living

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Charles Siegel, author of The Politics of Simple Living, explains the potential economic and social benefits of work-time choice.

Advantages of a Part-Time Schedule for the Worker and the Employer

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There are benefits to both workers and their employers when people work part-time.