Flexible Schedules

Flexible schedules are all about ensuring that employees have some control over their time, but they can take a variety of forms. For example, a flexible schedule might mean starting each day at 8am and ending at 4pm, rather than sticking to the traditional 9-to-5. Or, it might mean sticking to certain core hours on certain days of the week, but offering lots of wiggle room outside of those hours. Or, it might involve full flexibility and a variable schedule every day.

  • Starbucks, one of the companies paying men and women equally

13 Flexible Companies Committed to Paying Men and Women Equally

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Many companies are now committed to ending the gender pay gap—at least within their own business borders—by paying men and women equally. Here are 13 of them.

Research Explainer: “Gender Discrepancies in the Outcomes of Schedule Control on Overtime Hours and Income in Germany,” European Sociological Review

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A new study shows that people who have more control over their schedules tend to work longer hours than those who have less control.

Why Ultradian Rhythms Matter at Work

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By figuring out when you have your peak energy, you can not only be in tune with your ultradian rhythm, but also be your most productive.

Flextime and Predictable Schedules: It’s Time to Re-Imagine Work

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Flextime can increase production and minimize turnover in a way that benefits both employers and employees, shares Ithaca College student Olivia Abry.

Lack of Work Flexibility Prompts Woman to Sue Former Employer

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This spring, one woman took her frustration with her company’s lack of work flexibility to the next level by suing them after they fired her.

Not a Morning Person? Beware of “Morning Bias”

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Are you a morning person? If not, the results of a new study might make you think twice about hitting that snooze button.