Requesting Work Flexibility

Getting flexibility doesn’t have to mean finding a job that has flexibility already built in. It may be possible to make an existing job more flexible, or to encourage your a reluctant employer to embrace flexibility. It may also be possible to identify ways to incorporate flexibility in a new position by negotiating for it. Check out these posts for guidance on requesting work flexibility and finding the flex you need.

How to Ask for a Flexible Schedule

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It’s one thing to know why you need a flexible schedule, but another to know how to ask for it.

Can Your Job Be a Flexible Job?

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In theory, almost any job can indeed be a flexible job. You just have to figure out what type of flex matters most to you.

Flexibility as Currency in Job Negotiations

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What is flexibility worth? Does it have value in job negotiations? The answer is yes.

6 Different Ways to Flex

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When it comes to work flexibility, there is no one size-fits-all. So if you’re in desperate need of flex, here are some options to consider.

Video: Requesting Telecommuting, Part-Time, and Flexible Arrangements from Your Employer

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Wondering how to request flex from your employer? Find out how to ask for and achieve the flexibility you need from experts Jessica DeGroot and Paul Rupert.

5 Resources for Requesting Flexibility as an Employee

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There are many resources that can help you achieve your goal of greater work flexibility. Here are just a few of them.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Getting a Foot in the Door

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If you only have fifteen minutes to make a case for flexible work arrangements, here are the concepts that I've found calm fears and open minds.

3 Steps to Take Before Pursuing Flexible Work

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Before you dive into your search for job that gives you the flexibility you crave, here are a few initial steps to take to help ensure a successful outcome.