Requesting Work Flexibility

Getting flexibility doesn’t have to mean finding a job that has flexibility already built in. It may be possible to make an existing job more flexible, or to encourage your a reluctant employer to embrace flexibility. It may also be possible to identify ways to incorporate flexibility in a new position by negotiating for it. Check out these posts for guidance on requesting work flexibility and finding the flex you need.

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How to Ask for Flexible Working Hours

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Even if you’re confident that a flexible schedule will lead to a more balanced life for you and boost your productivity for your company, it can still be difficult to ask your boss for flex. Here are some tips to ask for flexible working hours.

How to Find Flexible Work

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Today it is easier than ever to find what once seemed to be a pipe dream: a position that has flexibility built into the role.

4 Tips To Make Your Current Job More Flexible

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What if you could tailor your job to fit your work/life needs? You may be surprised to find that to make your job more flexible, you just have to ask.

How-to Guide: How to Develop Skills for Effective Flex

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Here are six skills to develop now that should help you prove you're ready for flexibility when your time to ask arrives.

How-To Guide: How to Handle a “No” When You Ask for Work Flexibility

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You’re a super star staffer. But when you ask your boss for some work flexibility, you get a big fat “No.” Here’s what to do to turn that “No” into a “Yes”.

Why Flex Requests Should Be Reason-Blind

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There’s a dirty little secret when it comes to work flexibility—not all flexible work requests are treated equally.

How-to Guide: How to Decide Which Type of Work Flexibility is Right for You

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To help you decide which type of work flexibility is right for you, here is a rundown of the most common options and ideas on who might want to pursue them.

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Author Insights: Kerry Hannon on The New Rules for Career Happiness

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Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized expert on career transitions, personal finance, and retirement.

How-to Guide: How to Ask for Flexibility

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Here are a few steps to follow as you prepare to ask for flexibility at work.

Start the New Year with a Request for Flex

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Start off the New Year with a request for flex with these 5 flex-friendly tips.