Canada is upping the game in the flexible work movement by asking its citizens directly what kind of flexible work schedules would suit them best.

MaryAnn Mihychuk, Canada’s Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, recently launched a new campaign designed to help Canadians workers get the flexible work (and work-life balance) that they need. The goal: Canadians would be able to request flexible work arrangements at their jobs. Realizing that flexible work can vary greatly—from full-time telecommuting, to part-time work, compressed workweeks, freelance work, and even flexible schedules—Mihychuk is putting the power directly into Canadians hands to determine what type of flex they want.

Throughout the campaign between May 16 and June 30, Canadians are encouraged to complete an online survey about flexible work arrangements. They can also email, call, mail, or tweet their thoughts and ideas to the Strategic Policy and Legislative Reform, Labour Program, Employment and Social Development Canada. The feedback received will help amend the Canada Labour Code which will then allow workers in federally regulated sectors to formally request flexible work arrangements from their employers and ultimately help Canadians achieve better work-life balance.

“There are many reasons why someone might need a little more flexibility in their schedule, and under our plan they would have the formal right to request it,” said Mihychuk in a statement. “It’s time we gave Canadians the flexibility they need to balance their busy lives at home and at work. Our plan will do just that, and I’m looking forward to hearing from Canadians about how flexible work arrangements could help them.”

Learn more about the campaign in the video below: