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1 Million for Work Flexibility supporter Robin Hardman is a writer and work-life expert who specializes in writing corporate awards submissions—especially “best workplace” awards. When she’s not working on those, she’s writing employee communications and marketing content—from benefits materials to newsletter articles—and blogging at

The Empty Nest: What Else Is Lost When the Kids Have Flown

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In different stages of their lives, people have different aspirations, responsibilities, and commitments, which may alter their relationship to work.

The Expensive Problem Teleworkers May Not Know They Have—and How to Fix It

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Do you telecommute? If so, you may be facing double taxation in April. Let's all unite behind a new bill looking to fix this glitch in state tax law.

Why Work Flexibility Is The Obvious Next Step

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Work flexibility is about treating people like the adults they are: Respecting their right to control their own time and make smart choices.