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Through January 2018, Emma Plumb was the Director of 1 Million for Work Flexibility. Emma is a passionate advocate for improving the way that work gets done through increased flexibility. She has worked on hundreds of articles on work/life integration and workplace productivity. Her expertise has been featured in trusted media outlets such as U.S. News, Forbes, Inc., the Christian Science Monitor, and the Huffington Post, and she has led or participated in a variety of panels both online and in person including at the National Press Club. A Stanford graduate, Emma lives in Connecticut with her husband and their daughter. Connect with her on Twitter @workflexworks.

Author Insights: Joan Blades and Nanette Fondas on The Custom Fit Workplace

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Joan Blades and Nanette Fondas are coauthors of The Custom Fit Workplace: Choose When, Where, and How to Work and Boost Your Bottom Line.