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Ashley Speagle lives in Atlanta. Until November 2015, she worked as a communications specialist for PGi, a leading global provider of collaboration software and services for over 20 years. PGi, a 1MFWF Supporter, is constantly innovating, developing new technologies to make virtual meetings easier and more productive than ever before.

Technology: Hero or Nemesis to the Flex Work Movement?

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What is the tech-flex link: hero or nemesis?

The Coolest, Most Coveted, Creative Offices… in the Cloud

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Where are the world’s best digital office spaces? What are the top digital office designs of our time?

Are You Building a Remote Culture?

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If you really want remote workers that thrive, innovate, and contribute to your bottom line, you need to fully commit to a remote culture.

How Do We Make Unlimited Time Off Work, Work?

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For flexible work policies like unlimited time off to flourish, you need trust, top-down support and a shift from measuring productivity by time at a desk.

Will Office Life Survive After the 9 to 5 Workday?

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Instead of evacuating the office, flex work actually has the potential to enhance office life.

3 Reasons Modern Sales Teams Are Flex Work Role Models

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Here are three reasons why sales professionals are the type of flex worker you should observe and mirror in your own career field.

Does Telecommuting Hurt Teamwork?

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Managing virtual teams is different from managing teams that sit in an office together, which means they require new ways to communicate and bond.

Is Work Flexibility Already Trickling Into Your Office?

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Today’s biggest work and technology trends are advancing work flexibility within the traditional workplace.

Flex Work: A Contingency Plan for Seasonal Absenteeism

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Abrupt absences throughout the year follow a pattern. The good news is, since businesses can forecast them, they can also better prepare for them.

How Flex Work Is Impacting Business Collaboration

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Flex work has had a major impact on technology and business trends, loosening work and collaboration from the binds of location and time.