1 Million for Work Flexibility was pleased to partner with FlexJobs in hosting the online premiere for Having It All, a documentary film by director Vlada Knowlton, followed by a lively online discussion with panelists from CNN, Working Mother, and FlexJobs, as well as the director of the film.

This true-to-life documentary follows three career-oriented women for two years as they enter the world of the working parent. The women are all in various stages of new motherhood, from preparing to give birth to raising toddlers. They share how they think having children will affect their careers and relationships, the stressors of trying to juggle everything, and what needs to happen in order for working mothers (and really, working parents) to be able to “have it all”.

“My intention was to create a film that could help new parents feel less alone in their struggle to adjust to juggling work and family responsibilities,” said Knowlton. “I hope that, besides offering people a feeling of connection with others in a similar situation, this film will provide a thoughtful contribution to the broader discussion of how our society can help families cope with the demands of work and home life.”

On Thursday, March 3rd, we hosted the exclusive online showing of the film, as well an hour-long webinar led by work-family experts:

Please note: This event has ended, but please watch the webinar recording below.

Having It All Exclusive Online Film Premiere

Who Should Watch Having It All?

  • Any adult who isn’t yet a parent but might want to be someday
  • Mothers who have felt conflicted about their work-life decisions
  • Employers who want to better understand the challenges working parents face
  • Thought leaders and policy makers who can help “move the needle” on better support for working parents in the U.S.

Please note: This event has ended, but if you missed our presentation you can purchase the film on iTunes or Amazon.

Video: Having It All Post-Premiere Panel Discussion

We hosted a lively discussion after the film featuring: Kelly Wallace, editor-at-large on Family/Career/Life at CNN; Jennifer Owens, editorial director at Working Mother; Vlada Knowlton, director of Having It All; and Sara Sutton, Founder of 1 Million for Work Flexibility and CEO/founder of FlexJobs and Remote.co.

The webinar tackled topics such as:

  • What does it mean for moms (and dads) to strive for the concept of “having it all”?
  • Whether our panelists felt they were prepared for the challenges of balancing career and family
  • Advice for women and all professionals entering the work-family phase of life
  • Audience questions for the panel

Please note: This event has ended, but please watch the recording and download the webinar handouts below.

Download the webinar handouts:
Having It All-Additional Resources