It’s a common misconception that work flexibility is something only stressed-out working parents want. Thing is, work flexibility benefits everyone. Here are six groups that might find themselves needing work flex as well.

People going back to school.
If you’re looking to advance in your career, you may find that you need to go back to school. But it can be tricky to balance the books and your job as well. That’s where having a flexible schedule comes in. If you’re able to control your hours, you’ll be able to study and still do a superb job at your job, too.

Workers in rural areas.
Let’s say that you’re a marketing maven—and you just happen to live on a 100+ acre farm. Heading into a traditional office every day might prove to be a bit tricky. Being able to telecommute will help you find a job that aligns perfectly with your skill set, regardless of your location.

Military spouses.
Those married to servicemen and servicewomen know first-hand that you might be living in Georgia one day, and Texas the next. When you’re a military spouse, you absolutely need to have work flexibility in order to be able to work continuously and still be supportive of your military spouse, all the while supporting your family, too.

People caring for aging parents.
When you’re stuck in the middle of the sandwich generation, you know that trying to take your parents to their appointments and balance your workload can be difficult. If you work remotely, you’ll be able to take care of your parents’ medical needs and be productive at your job, too.

Retirees who want to keep working.
Today’s baby boomers are not automatically seeking retirement as soon as they hit a certain age. In fact, many are still looking to continue working well into their golden years. Thing is, they may not want to work a grueling 40+ hour workweek anymore, either. Being able to work flexibly (either in a remote job or a part-time job—or both) can give retirees the work schedule they want but also allow them to enjoy their time, too.

People eager to volunteer.
You’re a do-gooder by nature, but your 9-5 kind of cuts into your volunteering time. A flexible schedule can allow you to do good deeds by day, and earn an income, too. And your volunteering can come in all forms; from helping out at your child’s school to collecting coats for the needy through your local community shelter.

Workplace flexibility is not just limited to these six groups of people. It applies to anyone and everyone who needs better balance in their lives in order to have a healthy work life and home life, too. That’s why it’s crucial for all workers to voice their need for flexible schedules. That way, flex will not be just for some, but for everyone.

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