The weather outside might be frightful, but when you have work flexibility, it can all be so delightful! Sure, the holiday season may be touted as the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful, what with trying to do all of your holiday duties, spend time with family, and stay on top of your workload. So grab a gingerbread cookie and a cup of peppermint hot chocolate and read why the holiday season is better with work flexibility.

You can maintain your productivity.

Trying to stay on top of your workload while still enjoying the holidays can make any office worker frantic. Thing is, when you take a day off from work to get personal errands done, you come back to a pile of work that’s taller than some of Santa’s elves. Having a flex schedule allows you to work when you need to (even if it’s at midnight) in order to maintain your productivity and still get everything on your kids’ wish lists.

You can enjoy it more.

When you hear Bing Crosby crooning to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” while trying to dash through your workday, it can make you feel like a big old Grinch. You can savor the season when you work remotely, and truly grasp the joy of the holiday season—sans stress.

You can be more organized.

Come on, admit it. There have been times that you stayed late at the office only to remember that you didn’t get Uncle Sal his gift, and then ran to the nearest store and bought any old item. (So what if he hasn’t worn a tie in 20 years; he’ll like this one!) One of telecommuting’s biggest gifts is that it grants employees the ability to completely control their schedules. You can have a calmer holiday season (and get your friends and family the gifts that they really want!) when you are able to better balance your work life and your family life.

You can save more money.

Without proper planning (and the time to get it all done), the holidays can be a money minefield. Exercising your work flexibility ensures that you can take the time to find the best bargains (and there are plenty!) during the holidays to avoid overspending. That way, you can have fun during the holidays without dreading January 1st—or the date that all your credit card bills come in.

You can spend more time with family.

The holiday season is all about family, but with so many demands on your time, you barely have time to take care of yourself, let alone those nearest and dearest to you. Whether you structure your work schedule to get the bulk of your work done in the morning or later on in the evening, you can ensure that you’ll spend quality time with your kiddos and your family as well. And that’s really what it’s all about, anyway.

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