Ask any working parent when they need to have a flexible schedule the most and they’ll most likely tell you it’s during the back-to-school season. After all, trying to coordinate your own crazy workload is difficult enough, but then add to that your kids’ new school and bus schedules as well as never-ending requests for school supplies, and it can be a recipe for a super stressful time. Having a job that gives you work flexibility might not diminish your to-do’s, but it can make your job as a working parent a whole lot easier. Here are five reasons why work flex helps with back-to-school.

It helps you get back into a routine.

For many working parents, it can feel like one day you’re enjoying those summer nights, and then next morning, you’re plunged into the utter chaos of the first day of school. When you have work flex, you can adjust your schedule to help ease your kids—and yourself—back into those school days. You can focus your efforts on getting your kids accustomed to the new bus driver and calm jittery nerves, and then start your workday when your kids are safely off at school.

It helps you with the minutiae.

From earlier start times to making sure that your kids pack their lunches, there are seemingly a thousand small details that go into getting your kids out the door in the mornings. And if you’re preoccupied with your own work deadlines, it’s easy to forget to give your child all of those school forms that parents fill out during those first few days of school. A flex schedule clears the clutter from your own mind so you can more easily establish a routine for yourself and your kiddos.

You can take care of your sick kid.

During the summer, your kid nary got a sniffle. Now, it’s only three days into the new school year, and your kid has come down with the mother of all colds. When you have a regular office job, it can be tricky to find the coverage while you fetch your kid from the nurse’s office. Working from home allows you to always be ready in case of one of those first-week-of-school emergencies—and still be able to work.

It allows you to volunteer.

When you had your 9-5 office job, it was virtually impossible to volunteer at your child’s school. Now that you work remotely, you can volunteer to lead the school’s PTO or join a committee that matches your skills and interests—no working-parent-guilt required.

You don’t have to take days off from work.

Let’s say that your child is having a hard time adjusting to his new school—and his new teacher. Each morning is fraught with tummy aches and pleas to stay home from school. If you need to stay home a little longer to help your child get used to his new school digs, it’s much easier to do so when you telecommute. Otherwise, you might have to take off from work, and run the risk of using up your vacation days—and upsetting your boss. Work flexibility can help you take care of your kids and your family, without having to sacrifice your work productivity or your job in general.

While work flexibility is a must-have in order to achieve work-life balance, there are certain times of the year when having a flex schedule is an absolute necessity. Having a flex schedule during the back to school season can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your kids have a successful start to the school year while you excel at your job, too.

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