Chances are, when you think of work flexibility benefiting one group of workers in particular, you most likely think of working mothers. After all, they’re the ones who are caring for children while still trying to have a kick ass career and balance it all in stride. But you might be surprised to know that work flex is just as critical for working dads as it is for moms. Here are five reasons why.

It sets a precedent.

Typically, it’s working moms who are scheduling meetings with their bosses to ask for flexible schedules, not the working fathers in the company. But when dads demand flex, too, it illustrates the need for workplace flexibility for all, making it less of a “women’s” issue, and more of a “worker’s” issue.

It helps better bonding.

Early morning meetings and late nights spent at the office do not make for strong familial bonds. Having a flexible schedule (in the form of telecommuting, part-time work, compressed workweeks, or even job sharing) allows working dads the opportunity to spend quality time with their children—and still stay on top of their workload.

It creates team effort—at home.

Having work flexibility isn’t just about the ability to care for children; it’s also about splitting household duties evenly between two working parents. With flex, a working father can drop his kids off at preschool and still make it into the office in time for his meeting. Or if the school nurse calls, he can leave work early and pick up his child, and then complete his work later on at night when his child is in bed. Flex allows parents to truly work together as a team in raising children, and helps create not only a stronger family, but a stronger marriage, too.

It allows them to advance in their careers.

A working father might love his job, but see that, without certain degrees or certifications, his career is going to eventually plateau. Work flex will allow a working dad to continue his education, spruce up his work skills, or even attend online webinars or networking events in order to further himself professionally. By doing so, he will increase his earnings and contribute more financially to his family.

Dads need work-life balance, too.  

In a “work comes first” culture, it can be hard to envision that working fathers need work-life balance. But they do. Being able to customize their schedules according to the demands of the day allows a working dad the ability to have a more stress-free life, the ability to work in an industry that he loves, and the time to pursue, both professionally and personally, what he would like to accomplish.

Simply put, that’s called work-life balance, and one of the greatest ways to achieve it is through work flexibility.

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