When you think of work flexibility, you might assume that working moms and dads are the main beneficiaries. And rightly so, since balancing kids and a career truly can be tough. But as it turns out, everyone can benefit from a little flexibility. In honor of Single Working Women’s Day, here are five reasons why work flex is good for single working women.

You can spruce up your skills and education.

Let’s say that you’re somewhat happy in your current job. A possible promotion comes on the horizon, and you’d love to get it. However, based on your current set of skills and previous work experience, you’re not really in a position to be promoted. When you find that your skills are a little, well, lackluster, having flex gives you the time to improve them. You can take some online classes or go back to school to gain the knowledge, skills, and accreditation that you need to advance in your career.

You can take care of personal issues.

Aging parents. A desire to travel the world. There are a myriad of reasons why you might need a flexible schedule for personal reasons. When you’re able to determine when, how, and where you work, you can adjust your work life to meet the needs of your personal life, not the other way around. And you’ll no longer have to sacrifice one for the other.

It gives you time to network.

Let’s face it: in today’s job market, there is very little job security. So even if you’re gainfully employed, it’s a smart career move to always be on the lookout for your next new job. Take the time to network, whether it’s at local or virtual networking events, or even by harnessing the power of your social media channels to connect with industry leaders, potential bosses, and hiring managers. That way, you’ll forge fresh industry connections who just might be able to connect you to a future employer.

You can volunteer.

Not only is volunteering good for the heart and soul, it’s helpful for your career. Volunteering gives you fresh skills and experience to put on your resume and can also give you access into a new company that you might want to work for in the future. And when it comes time to hire for a new job opening, the company just might hire from within—and you’ll be in the perfect position to be offered it!

You’ll have time to test out a new career.

You’ve worked in quite a few fields over the course of your career—and nothing has felt like a perfect match. When you have a flexible schedule, though, you can dip your toes into a new career without making a full commitment. By taking advantage of your remote worker status, you can try on a new career for size and see if it’s the right fit.

photo credit: istockphoto.com