Sales has long been a common career field for remote workers, even ranking as one of 2015’s top industries for remote jobs.

This is largely because sales has never really relied on office space to get work done. Outside sales required workers to meet with customers face to face, and in the era of inside sales, workers only need an Internet connection to engage with today’s digital consumers.

But social sales is the sweeping transformation that’s really priming sales professionals to lead the flex work charge. Sales teams are quickly evolving and working smarter in response to unprecedented levels of access to consumers, according to the new “Join the Social Sales Revolution” eBook from PGi.

Never before have sales professionals worked together, adopted new tools, and embraced game-changing innovations in the sales process at such a fast pace like now. And that open-minded, radical new mindset is exactly why sales professionals are the type of flex worker you should observe and mirror in your own career field.

  1. They realize it takes a team. Even the sales professional, once known as the “lone wolf,” now collaborates with his or her team more than ever to close big deals, manage strategic accounts, and quickly learn what works and what doesn’t in the new sales landscape. Sales teams also align with marketing now more than ever to deliver up-to-date collateral and consistent messaging to consumers at every touch point. And every flex worker should focus more on teamwork, too, if they want to survive and thrive while working from home.
  2. They squeeze more value out of technology. Sales has always been powered by technology to some extent, but in the social sales revolution, sales teams are embracing a greater variety of solutions to get work done and re-evaluating the way they leverage existing tools. For example, customer relationship management (CRM) technology was once simply a record-keeping tool, but today, sales teams embrace CRM as truly relationship-building technology. And while web conferencing was once only a long-distance demonstration tool to close customers at the end of the funnel, video solutions are now used earlier on in the buyer’s journey to educate consumers and earn trust from behind a screen. The lesson for flex workers: always be open to new ways of powering mobile work through technology.
  3. They constantly try new things and readjust strategies. Who would’ve thought that cold-calling sales professionals would one day venture onto Twitter to pioneer social selling and become some of the top thought leaders online? Likewise, it’s up to flex workers to experiment with new ways of working outside the office, whether it’s developing novel ideas for virtual team building or reinventing the hiring process with trial periods for new remote workers.

But what really makes modern sales teams the ultimate role models for flex workers is their hunger to keep up with changing consumer habits by adapting no matter what.

Will you lead the flex work revolution with the same thirst for change?

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