When it comes to work flexibility, it’s fairly safe to say that pretty much everyone on the planet can benefit from it. After all, who couldn’t use a schedule that conforms to the needs of your day and allows you to keep up with your workload, spend quality time with your family, and do the things that you love?

So it’s no surprise that the answer to the question, “Could athletes also benefit from work flex?” is a a resounding yes! Whether you’re a bonafide Olympian, an avid runner, or a diehard gym junkie, here are three reasons why athletes benefit from work flexibility.

You can train when it’s best for your body.
There are some people who are early birds and others who are night owls. But when you’re stuck in a traditional 9-5 job, it doesn’t really matter when your body is optimized to work out; you simply have to fit it in between meetings and other commitments, like by craming it in on your lunch break (and possibly missing out on a meal). Having a flexible schedule will allow you to train when your body is ready. This way, you can work with your body’s natural biorhythm to have a maximum workout.

You can get out into nature to train.
Let’s say that you love hiking out in the woods. Thing is, you might not be able to get that outdoorsy workout effect if you are relegated to working out before or after office hours. When you have work flexibility, you can let the stress (and pounds) melt away by training wherever you’ll get the best workout. For example, you can pick a trail run that has the hills you’re looking for as opposed to setting your treadmill to “hill setting” and pretending you’re really hiking. Plus, the fresh air will be invigorating, and help clear out the mind clutter and make room for fresh ideas to emerge.

You can put being an athlete first.
For some, exercise is just another thing on a never-ending to-do list. But for others, it’s not just a workout; it’s a way of life. If you’re a serious athlete, there’s nothing you can do to quell that desire to push your body to its limits. With any passion, though, it requires commitment and the time to dedicate to it. Flex can help you make your work and your workout schedule exist in perfect harmony. And for those times when you need to put training for a marathon or a competition ahead of work, you’ll be able to balance it all out by rearranging your work schedule accordingly.

Just like any other group, athletes can greatly benefit from work flexibility. Being able to work out when, where, and how you want can make you the athlete you’ve always wanted to be—and still crush your career, too.

photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com