Employees are overworked and disengaged. But the solution isn’t another program, or a new approach to recruiting, or even employee wellness. It requires a deep look at how the changing profile of work (technology, generations, talent sourcing, physical layout, talent strategy, etc) requires organizations to adapt if they are to exist in the future.

Fundamental changes are needed in six specific areas Kyra Cavanaugh, President of Life Meets Work, calls “Team Life”. On March 5, we hosted a webinar in which Kyra shared how teams are rethinking the way they work by engaging in conversations around Work Process, Capacity & Resiliency, Flexibility/Mobility, Performance, Communication, & Team Building.

Are you looking for help convincing your company to embrace flex?  Wondering how to help your managers make the transition? Do you manage a team, are you part of a team, or are you working on a team-based project? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can be prepared for the future of work. Watch the complete webinar below.

About Kyra Cavanaugh

Kyra Cavanaugh helps organizations think differently about how work gets done. Her purpose: to prepare your company for the future of work.

Kyra is the author of Who Works Where [and Who Cares?], a guide to boosting performance even when teams don’t work together in the same time or space. Designed for flexible, virtual, and dispersed work teams, Who Works Where  is an interactive tool that managers can start using immediately to increase their skills and establish team norms for this new age of work.

As president of Life Meets Work, Kyra is the go-to source for organizations who want to incorporate innovative workforce practices into day-to-day operations. She’s a key advisor to the Families and Work/SHRM partnership for workflex and a 2011 recipient of the Work-Life Rising Star award from the Alliance for Work-Life Progress.

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