What Is Work Flexibility?

Work flexibility is an over-arching term for options in the workplace that give organizations and their staff the freedom to better decide when, where, and how work will get done. For example, flexible and alternative schedules, remote work options, and even freelance contracts are all types of work flexibility. Work flexibility can be implemented in smaller ways (such as occasional telecommuting, or having an alternative schedule where you come in and leave an hour earlier to avoid traffic) or in bigger ways (such as telecommuting all of the time or having a completely flexible schedule).

Why Support Work Flexibility?

First, work flexibility is something that many people want and/or need, but few people have. Second, and critically, work flexibility is commonly viewed as just a soft “perk” for employees, yet the truth is dramatically more comprehensive than that for both employees AND employers. Benefits available to the employer include financial savings, increased productivity, lower turnover, reduced absences, a better corporate culture, and many more. Benefits for employees include being more positively engaged in work and life, better health, time savings, reduced stress, having healthier relationships, and overall being happier.

Why Is 1 Million for Work Flexibility So Important?

1 Million for Work Flexibility (1MFWF) is the first national initiative to create a collective voice in support of work flexibility.

In order to truly change workplace culture, we believe it is critical to engage the individuals who want and need work flexibility. Currently, change is typically driven by corporate HR departments. While these corporate efforts are valuable, we believe that both efforts—from individuals and from corporate headquarters—are needed in order to achieve more traction for change. By working together, we can help make work flexibility become a core part of the 21st century workplace.

Let’s Make Work Flexibility a Reality for More People

1 Million for Work Flexibility is dedicated to bringing the benefits of work flexibility to more companies and people. In order to do this successfully, we have the following goals:

By gathering a ready audience of 1 million people willing to show their support of work flexibility, we will have an unprecedented opportunity to harness this energy towards advancing flexible work initiatives on a broader scale than ever before.

We need your help to achieve our goals!

Becoming 1 of the million is an easy and fast way to show that you support the concept of work flexibility! Please join us as one of the 1 Million for Work Flexibility!

  • 3 second commitment – You can simply sign up in a “show of support,” and that’s it… and it’s fantastic! You will be doing your part to help us reach 1 Million people!
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  • More? Beyond that, it’s entirely up to you. You might find a tip that helps you pitch your boss on flexible work options, or see an event you want to attend in your town. Be sure to let us know, maybe you could write a blog about it for us!