Happy Anniversary! 1 Million for Work Flexibility is marking its first anniversary this month, and we’re celebrating the occasion with a variety of events. Read on to learn more about how you can get involved, incorporate flexible work into your life, and show your support for 1 Million for Work Flexibility.

Webinar Series: Free and Open to the Public!

We are hosting a series of free webinars geared toward the flexible job seeker. Led by various work flex experts, these virtual events will cover key topics such as…

  • The growth of high-quality telecommuting jobs
  • What work flex means to working parents and why it matters
  • How to effectively request flexible schedules
  • Employers who embrace flex.

Click here to register for any or all of these webinars. Space is limited, RSVP today!

How Has Flexible Work Impacted Your Life, or How Would It?

We want to hear your stories! Be sure to sign up to support 1 Million for Work Flexibility, and tell us how having flexible work options would make an impact on your life–or if you already have work flexibility, how has it benefited you personally?

The Impact of Flexible Workplaces on Real People

We are also highlighting stories of real people who demonstrate the importance and impact of flexible workplaces.  From individuals to businesses to non-profits, Americans across a broad spectrum of backgrounds show why work flex is beneficial to not only employees but also to employers.

1MWFW Founder Sara Sutton had this to say: “We know that workplace flexibility is not only essential to a productive and healthy workforce, it is also beneficial to a business’ bottom line. By sharing real stories—of individuals and businesses—we will continue to ensure flexibility is part of the workforce of the future.”

More than 60 organizations support the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement, including Appen, Convergys, and Sqwiggle, who are featured in the stories below.  These companies recognize that flexibility allows their employees to excel at home, and at work.

Workplace flexibility benefits parents like Ann Mohler Basco, the director of global marketing at Appen, a global language, search, and social technology firm, and mother of two. Ann has both flex scheduling and partial telecommuting, allowing her the ability to do drop-offs and pick-ups most days. She notes, “I’m so incredibly grateful to have this flexibility. My family is absolutely better for it. My husband and I have talked about it a lot—if I had to commute to the city every day, our family could not function in the way it does now.”

Workplace flexibility can be especially critical to military spouses who face frequent relocations. Tiffany Shuman was originally hired as a customer service agent with global customer management firm Convergys at a call center in North Carolina. When her husband was transferred to Texas, Tiffany underwent additional training and switched to a home-based agent position, allowing her to excel in a career she loved as a virtual employee.

Like many young families, Cameron Webb, a Sqwiggle iOS developer, and his wife Amy, moved away from their smaller hometown in Iowa for better employment options in Atlanta, Georgia. After Amy’s father unexpectedly passed away, they decided the career tradeoffs for distance to loved ones was not what they both wanted. Because their employers support telecommuting, they moved back home and both work remotely.

More Coverage of Work Flexibility on the 1 Million Blog

Throughout October, we’ll be highlighting voices from thought leaders making a difference in the field of work flexibility, and giving you great tips and advice on finding and utilizing flexible work options in your life.

NOTE TO THE MEDIA: 1 Million for Work Flexibility spokespeople and experts are available to comment on a variety of work flex issues, including how best to request  flex schedules from employers, the benefits of work flex to employees and employers, and challenges faced by specific groups of employees (parents, military families). Additional stories similar to those detailed above are also available. Contact Melanie@workflexibility.org for more information.

photo credit: thinkstockphotos.com