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Don’t Miss: Dad Wearing His Newborn to Work, and More

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Tom Williams, a Chicago-based chiropractor, made headlines recently when the word spread about how he takes his newborn to work.

Don’t Miss: Work-life Balance ‘Increasingly Stressful for Fathers’, and More

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A new report finds that fathers across the UK view the workplace as being unsupportive of their goals for a healthy work-life balance.

Research Explainer: “The New Millennial Dad,” Boston College

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Learn more about the Boston College Center for Work & Family new report, "The New Millennial Dad: Understanding the Paradox of Today's Fathers."

Don’t Miss: The Potential of Workplace ‘Sprints’, and More

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A growing numbers of employers in the US are encouraging professionals to work in short bursts to maximize productivity, creativity, and down time.

Video: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter on Women, Men, Work, and Family

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This special event featuring Anne-Marie Slaughter was co-hosted by ThirdPath Institute, City Dads Group, and 1 Million for Work Flexibility.

Don’t Miss: Did Millennials Kill The 9-To-5 Workday, and More

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Millennials are quick to toss aside the traditional 9-5 schedule and want flexible work options that integrate the latest in remote workforce technology.

Don’t Miss: Rethinking the Work-Life Equation, and More

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We must stop thinking about flex as a work-life balance issue; rather, it needs to be a gender-neutral and vital aspect of a productive workplace.

Don’t Miss: Best Father’s Day Gift, and More

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For a true Father's Day gift, help working fathers find the support they need to juggle career and family. Learn about this topic and more.

5 Reasons Why Flexibility is Critical for Working Dads

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We often hear of the benefits of work flex for working moms. But Father's Day is a perfect time to note that flex is just as critical for working dads.

Author Insights: Scott Behson on The Working Dad’s Survival Guide

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Scott Behson is a national expert in work and family issues, His book The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home comes out today.